Over 20 years of teaching experiences (part-time) at leading institutions such as Stanford University, Haas School of Business MBA Program (Day and Evening) and Center of Executive Development at the University of California at Berkeley. Topics have ranged from business to technology strategies including e-business and technology, disruptive innovations and IT strategy.

Also devoted time to continuing education at University of California both at Berkeley and Santa Cruz by creating a number of business and technology certificate programs and having run them besides teaching core courses of the programs.

Offered also corporate training and nationwide/international seminars on a wide-ranging topics to US and international executives and professionals.

Have developed on-line e-learning courses and delivered them as well for the University of California Media Learning Center.

Some of the representative course titles are:

  • Business and Technology (Strategies)
  • E-Business and Technology (Strategies)
  • Business Models
  • Business Processes
  • Strategic Development of Technologies to Business
  • IT Strategies
  • Technology Integration Strategies
  • IT Technologies

Available for a variety of teaching and speaking engagement opportunities.

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