Intelligence Capital is a knowledge transfer firm, founded by Ken Tachibana as Managing Principal, specializing in navigating through unchartered waters and as a solution, leap-frog innovations in sales, business/technology integration, and emerging/new business, markets and technologies for small and Fortune 500 domestic and international organizations and individuals. Also developing expertise in mind-body integration. The firm has a number of business segments outlined in the web site.

Previous executive positions held include: CTO/VP Engineering of software startups, Director of Business Development of National Semiconductor, Managing Director of Sales of Network Associates, Marketing Manager of Compaq, Director of Enterprise Applications Development and Management of Bank of America.

Intelligence Capital has been organized to package and/or re-package his over 25 years of sales, business and technology experiences at Fortune 500 companies, both in the service and manufacturing industries, and start-up's; and academic training/teaching experiences at Stanford University and University of California at Berkeley so that his experiences can be transferred to others in a leveraged fashion in a number of channels such as publishing, teaching, consulting and coaching.

He also has extensive experience in teaching, coaching, publishing and consulting.

Also spoke as a keynote speaker at an annual nationwide William M. Mercer (a leading Human Resources Consulting Firm) technology conference.

He has found sales, business/technology integration, emerging/new business, markets and technologies as well as mind-body integration, inspired by the insights he gained from the psychology of business/sales/technology, to be most interesting in that they are most challenging as well as more disruptive innovations are possible.

He was born and raised in Japan until 19 years old and went to a prestigious prep school in Japan; hence, his Japanese fluency is professional and indeed he has conducted business meetings and conference speaking in Japanese.


  • Master of Business Administration – University of California at Berkeley (Haas School of Business)
  • Master of Science in Computer Science - Stanford University
  • Master of Science in Engineering-Economic Systems – Stanford University
  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science – University of California at Berkeley


To fully understand business and technology integration and solve its numerous problems especially within the context of increasing technology content in any business solution with the ever-increasing networked business world, he had to develop a new methodology primarily out of his consulting projects by extending an existing value-chain model (called Full Value Chain Model) and an IT networking model (called 12-Layer Business/Technology Model) since traditional methodologies are not adequate. He has successfully deployed the methodology in all of his business segments besides consulting.

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